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What’s In My Hospital Bag: I’m Extra Edition

  • November 2, 2018
  • By Samantha Kozy
What’s In My Hospital Bag: I’m Extra Edition

As a first time mom, I don’t know quite what to expect when it comes to what to pack for the hospital. I had a little hospital stay at 25 weeks that prepared me a bit, but when it comes to giving birth, it’s hard to know what you’ll need/want. I’ve done lots of research and have put together a pretty extensive packing list. I’m sure there will be things I pack that I don’t end up using, but I’d rather have them just in case. I’ll do another post after I actually have the baby to tell you what I actually used and what I didn’t end up needing.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’m packing in my hospital bag. I’ve recorded everything for you to watch in a video and have linked an explained all items below:

#1 Must-Have

Car Seat: Uppababy Mesa // Color: Jordan (Charcoal Melange) // This obviously doesn’t fit in a bag, but it’s pretty much the only thing you truly need before heading to the hospital because they won’t let you leave the hospital without it!

For delivery After-Care: 

I know they may have a lot of this stuff for me at the hospital, but I’m packing it just in case because it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and I’ve had a few friends tell me I’m going to want this stuff if I’m able to deliver vaginally. If I don’t end up using it in the hospital, at least I’ll have what I need when I get home.

 // Always Discreet // When Zak and I took a birth class a few weeks back, the labor and delivery nurse who taught the class highly recommended bringing these. She said the hospital provides you with mesh underwear and pads, but that the adult diapers are so much more secure.  I ordered a couple packs and tried a pair on, and I know I’m going to be so happy that I brought these. They aren’t nearly as “diaper-ish” as I thought they’d be, haha!

Dermoplast – Spray for numbing and relief down there.

Tucks pads – Can be put inside the adult diaper to give cooling relief. There is witch hazel in these pads which is supposed to help protect irritated areas.

Peri bottle – You fill this with water to clean yourself off instead of having to wipe. And I was told if you do “wipe” to just dab gently.

Nursing-Related Items:

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – This one has great reviews. It’s designed to help the baby not roll off the pillow, and it has a back support that is supposed to help with posture.

Nursing pads – These Lansinoh pads came highly recommended. I was going to get the cloth reusable ones, but I have a feeling that in the beginning especially I’m going to want the convenience of disposable.

Nipple cream – Every mom I talk to says breastfeeding was way harder than they ever imagined. This cream by Motherlove is supposed to provide relief for the irritation that can come along with the early trials of breastfeeding. I hope it helps!

Two nursing bras – The first one is from : This is so comfortable. I actually wore it all throughout my pregnancy. The other one that I just got and love a whole lot is this . It fits so well, is really comfortable, and it will layer really well under clothes.

: I got both the grey and black colors. The shirts are really soft, and they are thick and supportive. I like that they have pads in the built in bra part to help absorb a little leaking. I tried on a lot of tanks, and these are by far my favorite.

Clothing for Me:

Robe – I got mine from TJ Maxx. I wanted something I liked but didn’t care that much about in case it gets ruined after delivery.

2 sets of pajamas – I got this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These feel like butter, they’re so soft. They’ve got a very forgiving drawstring waist, and the top buttons down for easy access. I also like that they’re black, so if I happen to leak, I should be able to salvage them. I’ll also be bringing this that is breastfeeding friendly. What’s nice about this is that it will give doctors and nurses easy access to whatever they need to check. I can throw my robe on over this if I get cold.

– I plan on getting an epidural, and I have been told that it’s possible to get some sleep after the epidural. I’m really sensitive to light (and sound, but I hate ear plugs), so I’m bringing this eye mask just in case. It’s really soft and the band is velcro adjustable, so it doesn’t squeeze your head.

Non-slip socks – I have one unopened pair that the hospital gave me from my stay at 25 weeks that I’m bringing, but I know they have them, so I’m not packing more socks than this.

– I’m going to want something to walk around in to help labor progress before I get the epidural.

– These are an easy throw-on for the shower. I also had a friend tell me that she got blood on her slippers after giving birth, so she pretty much wore her flip flops the rest of the time in the hospital. I’ll keep that in mind (yikes!).

Outfit to come home in – I’ll wear my maternity uniform: maternity leggings, nursing tank, and a cardigan.

Extra Care Items for Me and Zak:

Face wipes – I know labor is not going to be pretty, so I want to bring some sensitive face wipes to wipe down after sweating a bunch. These take makeup off, as well, and they don’t bother my skin.

Hair ties – Bringing a bunch because I always lose them!

Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and deodorant from Native Cosmetics (I’m obsessed with this natural deodorant! It actually works!!)

Mints/mouthwash – I am super sensitive to bad breath on a normal day, but when I’m in a vulnerable state, I’m extra sensitive, haha. I am going to put mouthwash in the bathroom and a bowl of mints in the hospital room as my gift to everyone who enters. I’m not afraid to tell people to get out of my face if their breath stinks.

My own pillow and towel – I learned this lesson from my first hospital stay. Having these at-home luxuries made me feel more comfortable.

Makeup bag – I’m not going to bring too much in the makeup department, probably just some concealer, mascara, bronzer, and a lip balm. Putting makeup on helps me feel more alive, so I know I’ll at least want to put on a minimal amount at some point during my stay. [Forgot to mention this in the video]

Flameless Candles – Bought 10 of these from the dollar store. I want to try to create as relaxing an atmosphere as possible (as relaxing as one can make things in a hospital), so I am hoping these provide a nice little ambience for the room.

Camelback Water Bottle: For some reason, this type of water bottle helps me drink more water than I otherwise would. I’ll bring this to the hospital to refill often.

Handheld Battery-Operated Fan – This is going to be sooo clutch. This fan is so powerful! It has three settings, and the highest one makes you feel like you’re sitting in font of a wind machine. It has a rechargeable battery, so we can just plug it into the iPhone charger if it needs a little extra boost.

Extra Bag – This will be good for dirty laundry and/or things we can take from the hospital.

Snacks – I won’t be able to eat during labor, but Zak and my family are going to need to keep their energy up. Plus, I know I will be starving after I give birth, and I will want to have something readily available. Will probably pack a bunch of nuts, fruit, bars, and chips.

A “last minute” packing list – I’ll have a list of items that I won’t be able to pack ahead of time, like my glasses, makeup, hairbrush, etc…, that I will set on top of my hospital bag and throw everything on the list in my bag right before we head to the hospital.


Instax and Film for Instax – Having pictures to instantly look at will be amazing. They will be great keepsakes for the baby book.

Camera – We are going to want a lot of pictures and videos, and this camera is capable of shooting in 4K video!

Chargers – phone chargers, camera charger, computer charger

For Baby K

Water wipes – I’ve received so many recommendations for these wipes!

– These black and white ones have a baby rockstar feel to them. Baby K is gonna be so cool!

Sleep sack – This swaddle sack is supposed to make it extra easy to swaddle the baby. I think some hospitals have these, so you can always check with your hospital before buying one.

and Short sleeve white onesies by Carters – Planning on having the baby basically live in white onesies early on. I love all the cute baby clothes, but I’m also a practical person and know that the baby is mostly going to be wearing these all the time.

Diaper Balm – Same brand as the nipple cream. Motherlove is supposed to be really soothing for the baby.

Outfit for baby to come home from hospital in – I got this from a local boutique in Michigan called Beautiful Beginnings. I got a super soft gender neutral black onesie. I also bought a little hat for if it’s a boy and and a headband bow for it’s a girl!

See, I told you…It’s an EXTRA packing list. But I think I have my bases covered! If there’s anything I missed or anything you think I absolutely do not need, let me know in the comments!

By Samantha Kozy, November 2, 2018

Samantha Kozy

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