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Look Good, Feel Good…Even On Bed Rest

  • September 6, 2018
  • By Samantha Kozy
Look Good, Feel Good…Even On Bed Rest

Being on modified bed rest has been a big challenge for me because I don’t do well just laying around. Luckily, my doctors are okay with me doing small things like getting up to grab the mail or getting dropped off at the door of a restaurant to sit down somewhere and have a meal. So, Zak and I went out to lunch last weekend for a little day date to get us out of the house. We were both getting a little stir crazy.

I have been living in Lululemon Align pants and t-shirts these days, and messy buns have become life, but every once in a while it feels nice to pretend like I’m a normal person even if I’m only going out of the house for a few minutes. I have been excited my whole pregnancy to dress up my bump, and I waited a long time for it to arrive! Now that it finally has and I’m mostly stick inside the house, I’m making any opportunity to leave the house–even if it is just for a short time–a special one.

Just because I’ve been handed this challenge, doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to let myself feel like a bum. My goal is to find lots of little ways to keep myself feeling good. Dressing up and putting on some makeup is a small way of doing that, and I’ll be sharing other ways I’m keeping myself occupied, as well. If you have any suggestions that you think I should try (beyond Netflix series cuz I’ve gotten a ton of good suggestions for those already), let me know!

Outfit Details

Shirt $19.90 // Forever 21 // I sized up and got it in a large. This shirt will be great next spring/summer when I’m breastfeeding because of the button up top. Very flattering. I don’t mind that I got it a size big. I can wear a tank beneath it in the future, and it’ll still be super cute.

Maternity Jeans $29.99 // Target // Wearing size 6 (same size as pre-pregnancy). The color of these are a nice dark blue. They are super versatile with light and dark colors. I honestly don’t think I’ll buy any other maternity jeans besides these because even though they are comfortable, they’re still jeans, and pregnant or not I prefer leggings haha! But these are perfect for a simple pair of jeans, and you can’t beat the price.

Loafer Mules $22.99 // Target // Wearing color cognac size 8 1/2. I normally wear a 9, but they definitely run a little big, even with my swollen pregnant feet. These are so comfortable! They feel worn in on first wear.

I love the way the shirt twist and accentuates the bump in such a cute way!

*None of these links are affiliate links, at this point, I just love sharing with you guys the things I love–the things that have made me feel good during pregnancy.


By Samantha Kozy, September 6, 2018

Samantha Kozy

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