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The Perfect Brunch Outfit (With Some Edge)

  • July 6, 2018
  • By Samantha Kozy
The Perfect Brunch Outfit (With Some Edge)

For my birthday (back in December), Zak got me one of my favorite presents I’ve ever received: an appointment with a personal stylist at Nordstrom. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

Jen, the stylist I worked with, had sent Zak a list of questions about the types of clothes and brands I like that would help her pull some clothes for me to start our try-on together. For a few weeks leading up to him surprising me with this present, he started to ask me the questions in a not-so-subtle way (because why else would he be asking me such targeted fashion questions haha).  What I really appreciated was that Zak had told her we were trying to get pregnant, so she picked a bunch of clothes that would be bump flexible.

I had the best time at the try-on! For a couple of hours, I tried on the clothes Jen had pulled for me and she would swap out sizes and bring me other items that she thought I would like based on what I was liking from the clothes she originally pulled. It was so fun having full outfits put together.

The outfit featured in this post is 100% credited to Jen (and indirectly to Zak for making the whole dream present happen). If you’re looking for a little wardrobe update or have a specific event you are looking for something to wear to, I highly recommend using this service. It’s free! Just call up your nearest Nordstrom and see if you can make an appointment with their stylist. It’s so fun! (BTW, this post is not sponsored. I’m just seriously obsessed with this service and feel like no one really knows about it!)

Now, for the clothes…I wore this outfit to my best friend Jamie’s out-of-towner farewell brunch the Sunday after her wedding. I love mixing the soft floral with the edge of the leather.

I was a little over 7 weeks pregnant here!

Dress: On sale right now in multiple colors for under $30! I’m wearing a size small. It’s nice and flowy. Fits TTS. 

Perfect Fit Faux Leather Jacket: I can’t say enough about this jacket. It fits like a glove. Wearing a size Medium. Zipper is rose gold, super cute!  They restock this all the time! So if they don’t have your size now, keep checking. It also comes in a bunch of other colors! I have it in a beige suede, as well. 

Blush Flats: The ones I’m wearing in this picture are on sale at Nordstrom Rack for half the price I bought them! They have this flat in a bunch of colors. Just search “Marc Fisher LTD Flat” on Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack and a bunch of options will come up.

By Samantha Kozy, July 6, 2018

Samantha Kozy

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